Monday, June 29, 2009

What in the hell? ETA

So yesterday morning I go to sign in on MySpace, and I get the message "Invalid Friend ID. This user has either cancelled their account, or their account has been deleted."

At first I thought it was a MySpace glitch since they're pretty common, so I tried again. Same thing. I had Josh try to see if he could view my profile page. Same thing again.

So I contacted MySpace this morning to see what the deal was. I got a return email that said I had probably violated the Terms Of Service. I did not.

I emailed back asking for specifics. I haven't gotten anything back yet.

Fuck MySpace.

I'm signing up for Facebook sometime this week.

ETA: My profile is back up. I still don't know what the hell happened.

I still might do Facebook though.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hmm...its been a while

I know I haven't been blogging much lately.

I'm back to working 6 day weeks and it's tiring.

I'm still seeing Josh and things are going really well. It's so much better than when we were going out last year. There was always this underlying awkwardness before. Maybe it was because he was leaving. Maybe it was because we didn't really know each other when we first started going out. We became friends pretty much after he left. It's just so much more comfortable now. I feel like this can really go somewhere.


Friday, June 12, 2009

Working with the public

I love doing hair. Absolutely love it.

But sometimes I really hate dealing with people.

This lady came into the shop yesterday wanting to get her hair colored. I sit her in my chair then go get the standard client consultation card and release form that anyone getting a chemical service in our shop is required to fill out.

Customer: *filling out the consultation card* "Why do you need to know how often I wash my hair? That's a little too personal."

Me: "That just helps us to analyze the condition of your hair. If you shampoo too often it can dry it out, so I'd have to take extra care with the color."

Customer: *ignores me and moves on to the release form* "Why do I have to fill this out?"

Me: "That's just a standard release form, ma'am. Anyone who gets a chemical service has to sign one."

Customer: "rude tone* "Nowhere I've ever gone has made me do this."

Me: "It's our company's policy ma'am. I can't do your color if you don't sign it."

Then she proceeds to throw the paper at me and practically yells at me that she doesn't have to sign anything and we shouldn't make people fill out a release form to cover our own asses and blah blah blah. I defend that I don't make the rules and I'm just required to follow them. Then she storms out while still bitching, saying she's going to call the home office.

Go ahead. Call home office. They'll tell you the same thing I did.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Random Musical Coincidence

Read about it on my music blog!

The link is on my profile.

Yes, I'm pimping my own blog.

And, what?


Friday, June 5, 2009

I'm too old for this shit!


The one on the bottom left is from Monday. The rest are from last night.

I understand getting caught up in the heat of the moment. I thoroughly enjoy it while it's happening. But I never used to get marks this bad. Josh is no longer allowed anywhere near my neck.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ridiculously addictive game

It's called Dating Ariane.


The goal of the game is to have a successful date with this girl. And by "successful" I mean "getting in her pants."

Although I'd love to see a version where you're playing the girl trying to get into the guy's pants.