Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fuckity fuck

I'm in a pissy mood.

I get to work this afternoon, and my manager told me her boss had been in and was fucking with people's schedules, including mine. She didn't mess with it too much, but she wants me to work noon till close on Saturdays.

That's 9 hours.

Which is not even the issue, considering I could take an hour lunch.

The issue is that, THAT'S MY WHOLE FUCKING DAY!

My manager said she'd be willing to work with me on that. I'm gonna tell her tomorrow that I'll do 1 till close. I won't do noon. No fucking way.


It was so disgustingly slow today. I did one customer.


The $5 tip I made paid for my dinner.


When I got off work I stopped my the ATM to pull out $20 so I'd have some cash on me. I don't like having no cash.

I forgot my fucking PIN number.


I'm so glad this day is over.


scargosun said...

How do you forget your PIN number? Not judging...just asking. Hope that tomorrow is better.

Cherlyn said...

LOL I have NO idea! I normally use my birthdate or the last 4 of my social, but I was told it wasn't smart to do that, so I didn't. Now I've forgotten what I used. And I almost never use it at the ATM, so it's not like I'm used to using the PIN. But still...I feel stupid. =/

Anonymous said...

Hugs... it'll be better...