Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday stuff

I was off work today, whereas I'm usually not.

One of the girls wanted Wednesday off because she had a bunch of family coming in for Thanksgiving and she's gotta cook all day. So I'm working her shift for her on Wednesday and she worked mine today. So I'm off today and tomorrow, working Wednesday, off again on Thursday for Thanksgiving. 3 days off in a row would have been preferable. But it's all good. I'm a team player.

BTW...Jared is at his grandmother's and said to wish our mutual readers a happy Thanksgiving. =]

Also, I have recently come to the realization that I have a major crush on this guy:

Dr. Drew Pinsky: addiction medicine specialist, host of Loveline and Celebrity Rehab.

Smart, funny, attractive...Dr. Drew almost makes me want to become a drug addict just so I can have him take care of me.

Does this mean I have less love for my beloved Stephen Colbert? Of course not! There's room in my heart for both of them.

*fangirl sigh*