Friday, November 14, 2008


So I made a holiday playlist to put on my blog.

I'm gonna put it on my Myspace too.

I was thinking about going ahead and putting it up.

Is it too soon?


scargosun said...

lol bring it on!

Anonymous said...

Never is too soon... but I'm anti xmas music. :-)

Cherlyn said...

Well it's definitely not "traditional" xmas music. ;]

~Sheila~ said...

I think you should definitely put on Xmas music. I would and I would have it blaring. I wanted to put up a tree the day after Halloween but Angel thought I was crazy. Then, just today he mentioned that we only have a little over a month until Xmas and I did my little " see, it's time to put up a tree!" bragging thing and he just shut-up.

I vote Xmas music. Whatever kind you like.

Superwoman said...

I was walking around Fred Meyer on October 31st at about 7pm...not a single remnant of Halloween to be found, all Christmas in the seasonal section.

It's official now: Christmas season begins the evening of Halloween.

I've missed you girl!